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FIGURE AND GROOVE is a music publisher representing independent artist music in its ARTIST FRIENDLY catalog for placement in film, TV, and advertising.
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Yes, as long as you are a registered member of one of the performing rights societies. If you or any co-writers are not currently members, you each MUST register as a member and supply us with your individual CAE or IPI writer # before signing an agreement with us. This is not the same as the actual membership # you will be assigned.

You may submit arrangements of public domain songs. Please be sure to check to make sure the original song as well as the lyrics you are submitting are currently within the public domain throughout the world.

The Artist Friendly catalog is for artists and songwriters with vocal songs, however if you have a CD with both instrumental and vocals tracks you may submit the CD in its entirety.

Be sure to read the license carefully from the sample/beat company as to what their rights cover before you submit tracks. Typically, sample libraries are full buyouts, which covers film and TV licensing BUT there may be exceptions. Especially with respect to vocal hook or lyrical type sample packs. As part of of our agreement, you warrant that you have 100% ownership of the compositions and/or the legal right to accept the terms of the agreement as it relates to all aspects of the recordings, so please do not make this warranty unless you are sure you have the full legal authority to do it.

We cannot work with your songs if they were recorded under an AFM or any other union agreement.

We will re-register the track as a newly coded title and only work with that coded one, however the original recording, composition and title all fall under the exclusive terms of this deal.

Yes you can, but because we will be representing these tracks exclusively and actively working your music through marketing efforts and submissions as well, if a music supervisor or licensing opportunity comes to you directly during the term of our agreement, you will notify us about it and we will handle the transaction, licensing, and collection of fees. This can only be done on a good faith basis but if it is learned that there is outside licensing, it will be a breach of contract and legal remedies may be pursued.

No. If you create a cover song of another composition, you only own the master but NOT the publishing. We can not rep covers songs, as this would require third party publishing clearance and that does not work for our one-stop service where we control both master and publishing.

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