Figure & Groove

Who We Are


Led by Emmy award winning composing duo The de Luca Brothers, original scoring is at the heart of what we do. Whether it’s a key scene calling out for a moment to shine, thematic elements being woven throughout, or just the right amount of minimal underscore, we understand that creating emotional connection to the visual through music is an essential component to the stories being told.


Figure and Groove is a truly independent music library with a global reach. We are dedicated to providing premium quality music and service with an international team of in-demand composers alongside a staff experienced in every aspect of music, production, licensing and publishing.


A brand deserves a unique identity. Capturing that essence with a sonic expression will leave a mark on the competitive landscape. We work together to create a distinctive message people can feel.


As a music publisher, we represent original recordings from independent artists in our Artist Friendly vocals catalog, available now for licensing. A variety of styles can be found and we welcome artist submissions here.